Dont worry about the amperage rating of your power supply as long as it can supply a minimum of 12V 2A, this circuit will draw more power with a higher duty cycle and less power with a lower duty cycle, but we are talking around 25 — 50 Watt depending on your supply voltage. The frequency is the high frequencies of the music. Is there anyway to amplify it substantially? It would be greatly appreciated if you could give a link to the company or some info on where to get the parts. I wanted to do a audio modulated flyback arc with few components and a small form factor. Simple, you connect your timer to a 12V supply, and the primary coil to a separate, well filtered DC supply.

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April 10, at I looked in Google for Plasma Tweeter Circuit and found it.

When used in the astable mode, as we do with this circuit, the control voltage can be varied from 1,7 VDC to the full Vcc. To get best power out I need to mod my driver to have Duty Cycle adjustment. March 24, at I also am using a garden lead acid Baterry. January 21, at The s output stage is not powerful enough to drive the MOSFET gate, it is not capable of supplying enough current to charge the gate and thus the MOSFET stays most of the time in linear mode which dissipates a lot of power as heat.


This site uses cookies. A silent arc is obtained by adjusting the frequency and duty cycle of the driver circuit to your flyback transformer, there are no golden rule that fits all flyback transformers, my best advice is to experiment till you get a stable arc.

Once you test everything out with alligator clips, you should go ahead and solder the wires because the high voltage will easily fry the insulation in tiny alligator clips. A correctly rectified flyback will yield more kilovoltage bigger arc striking distance when the polarity is correct.

How exactly is it connected?

555 Audio modulated flyback

I do have a disclaimer up above, but I think I would not want to hear you have been killed by one aidio my creations. I need to relax and think before I speak. June 20, at I hope driving the flyback this way will also translate into music on the output of my tesla coil.

Thanks Mads, That is very true about Facebook, and I Hi once again, after hooking the cicuit up to a 12v power supply, there are only minute sparks forming, less than 1mm.


Flyback driver #2: NE555 quasi-resonant

Fire in the hole! Accept and hide Reject Read More. Duty cycle is I am using a org ….

March 15, at Please response Thank you. March 12, at January 7, at Your moulated bet is a laptop battery charger that provides at least A at 18 to 22V. Is it possible to use a 2n Would you like to tell me what to describe in more details?

Audio modulated flyback | Kaizer Power Electronics

Hey KhaSieu I was convinced that I had it mentioned in the start of the article that this is a very simple circuit that has some trade offs in reliability to gain simplicity. I know the dangers as well. P and, we had to use a different Flyback.

Adam Mizban December 24, at Also since im using a crt flyback i need an oscillation frequency in the range 50khzkhz.

March 3, at The Amp is lethal?