These distances are no longer than I hit my old irons. The morning after they arrived, I took them to the course. Cart strap and trunk handles make for easy toting from trunk to cart. After having golfed sparsely for most of my life, I began golfing a lot with my girlfriend the past 2 years, and got to a point where I felt my antiquated equipment was keeping me from scoring better. The only disadvantage I have seen with the hybrids in this set is that if I have to hit a low punched shot to go under a tree for example I can’t do it. Bought this after researching new clubs mine were 12yrs old.

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Adams Idea a7OS Hybrid.

This club is easy to hit and has a very solid sound and feel. In addition to endorsing its products, pro golfer Tom Watson assists in design and testing. I really don’t see me buying any other clubs other than Adams.

In both cases, three of my foursome were surprised: And the other slight negative is that the ball doesn’t hold greens as well when I hit qdams them with the new clubs, especially with he 3H to 5H. For a high forgivness club, easy to set up draws, fades as needed.

Reviews: Adams-Golf-Idea-a7OS-Hybrid-Utility-Club-Golf-Club | eBay

I can’t speak tg other hybrids, but A7od have to say that these were the bomb, in every sense. Weak part of my game is irons. Please note, this does not necessarily mean the golf club has no value!


The heads are oversize which instills confidence in my head that I am not going to mis-hit the ball.

The only complaint is that the stiff shaft seems to be not as stiff as a7ps graphite shafts I have hit in the past. I like having hybrids and transition irons that all match rather than irons and hybrids which might be different or have different shafts.

I hit the pitching wedge about yards and the 3 hybrid about probably in the air. Six pockets, including an insulated drink sleeve and valuables compartment.

Adams Idea a7OS Hybrid Graphite Iron Set

All were good irons. This set is definitely the way to go.

Both are the hybrid type, but when grounded in position they look like a normal iron without any bulge sticking out. Bought this after researching new clubs mine were 12yrs old. On the second fairway, I pulled out the 5 hybrid and put the ball right on the green, pin high. This innovative design became somewhat of a phenomenon in golf and still enjoys tremendous customer loyalty. The cambered soles and weighting system of the mid and short irons optimizes distance, gapping and launch conditions.

The weight of club is just right with graphite shafts. Displaying 1 – 10 of 24 reviews Paginate left 1 – Current Page 2 3 Paginate right. I have to figure more on what will happen after the ball lands than I used to. Why are there no values shown for this golf club?


Adams Golf Idea a7OS Irons user reviews : out of 5 – 3 reviews –

They have a solid feel and fit my eye and swing. If you are off the sweet spot expect some slight distance loss, just like any other club. You can’t go wrong with t When I a7ls searching for a new set of irons to buy as a casual golfer, I determined I needed to get a set of game improvement clubs and hopefully find them at a cost that wouldn’t break the bank. The graphite shafts and lighter weight have made me more accurate with all of my clubs.

Putting the ball back in my stance a little and not being overly aggressive has prevented the pulls and hooks. Goes too far for me to say this is a 3I equivalent in my bag. I am much more accurate with the 4H and 5H.

They work well from any type of lie, bare to fluffy. I think they may be straighter than my other irons although my wife says it may be me rather than the club!! For all other shots they work well and really work well out of thick rough.