You can get it from ebay or build one all by yourself. I have used bootpimage. It show that the process was successful and I reboot the system, system was not boot into debian and it seem to be not boot from my hdd. If you made a mistake, then you need a serial port to unbrick your Agestar. I found a picture from starsemi with the function blocks of STR which says the chip includes a Real Time Counter not clock! This way, the firmware loads in ram, and I get access to the linux in the device, following a chroot.

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The status light of my NSD never goes to ready.


One more thing, is there any chance u can compile an armel firmware instead of arm and post a link to the debian armel filesystem. Hi someguy, ouch add an Serial Port directly on the main chip. I have the hardisk mounted on the nas formatted with xfs and full of movies.


Maybe they use the X driver because they have licensed parts of the intersil X design.

Agestar 4-Port USB to Gigabit Lan – Electronics Online | Raru

You can get the pins from the documentation to add on your device. If unsure about shipping,just ask us! The upgrade went perfectly fine. Do you know what to do next?

I download zImage, the file size ahestar around 4 M for upgrade this box again with this command.

But for some reason when I used your new firmeware on my NSD Is it possible for you to make a firmware with armel support so that we can use debian 6. I tried to downgrade the firmware to V04R11, but neither it works.

This was unsuccessful because the firmware was V01R03, and I got an error message. I acctually have an telnet acces on the original LB2 firmware, no way to use this acces to try something? Drop me a message: Hmmm pics of my str based device is here: Is it brick or not?

You can use star. You can get it from ebay or build one all by yourself. What flash original firmware or star Let me know your e-mail. This is the hardware I have: Rostilav Can you still boot with bootpimage.


Hi c4sotware, STR has a build-in serial port. I just have to connect the pin 5 and 6 to an serial port? Cart Summary Items in Cart: Agestra Most of us listen to music, even though it might be different kinds of music. I have a problem in uploading star Z3r0 The network driver problem only happens on certain hardware.

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Please understand the commands before executing them. See the result Here: So the question is — do I need to skip k when I run dd? STR has a build-in serial port. On all of the device that i know of, you need to add your own serial port. Asus B Mining Expert: