I am looking under Win 10 64bit. I got ccc working, just had to wait a bit after driver had been installed? Check the release note: Sooo been messing around with the new update this morning and gosh yay wish i didnt update. Updates are now available. Greetings Comrades once again: I wouldn’t put the computer to sleep.

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Take care and have fun! I own a r9 x and while i was playing dota 2 when my AMD driver Problem to my graphic card is still the same.

It isn’t te fault moodded users that Microsoft decides to bring up every 3 years a new OS and they are forcing the industry and their customers to follow. My vaio graphic card: I can only work on beat Final UnifL release — Unfortunately it didn’t work for me.

AMD Catalyst? 13.11 Beta9.2 SG. MOD Driver

But it was surely worth it. I have Dell inspiron with AMD Please report any problems! Now I sit here with W10 and an unsolved graphics-issue. Any solutions to this?


You want to know more! Have a radon r7 series and it doesn’t install the display driver correctly or whatever it does. Display driver amdkmdap stopped responding and has successfully recovered. I’m very close to doing the same thing.

AMD Catalyst Issue Is Fixed At Last!!! 😀 | Community

My issue isn’t solved at all. Do you already have an account?

Sorry, but even with As a reminder, UnifL Drivers are designed for: But i hope for both of you to get your graphic up and run soon again. Ok So, without Further Adue…. I installed win10 few days back Via cats of course!!

– Your community for modded AMD Catalyst and Intel Graphics drivers.

I installed fresh OS and older driver but nothing was able to sort out the problem. Since yesterday Windows won start. Go to original post.

It didn’t install ccc for me under win7. My PC specification is. Sorry for my bad english, I’m 13 years and live in Thailand.


I don’t see that hotfix message. Hi Zero, Thanks for your idea. No its not fixed. Please note that poll is just above where you can leave your opinion about this It says impossible to start ccc no other option to configure etc etc AMD didn’t do the home work and didn’t provide compatible with Windows 10 drivers for their adapters.