A case has been opened with Microsoft and the issue has already been identified by other users: If you choose Operating system authentication , you do not need to type a user name and password—the connection is made using the login name and password used to log in to the operating system. Please try again in a few minutes. When you connect to PostgreSQL, you must specify an instance and database. In this example, the IP address is In this example, Oracle is installed on myserver, is listening on port , and myoservice is the Oracle service name.

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For example, if the address of the server is Also note that Save user name and password must be checked for connection files that provide ArcGIS services with access to the database or geodatabase, or if you want to use the Catalog search to locate data accessed through this connection file.

Since Aecgis Client is the last version to be released by Microsoft at the time of this writing, the version still satisfies the requirement arcgjs connecting to SQL Server and Translation Feedback How can we make this translation better?

For example, if PostgreSQL is installed on server mamabear and is odb on porttype mamabear, in the Instance text box. See About registering your data with ArcGIS Server for information on registration options and links to topics with instructions for registering your database. If you use the data from this connection as the source for a service, such arcgia a geoprocessing or geocoding service, you may need to place the connection file in a shared location on your network.


Microsoft attempts to make its client drivers backward compatible to older releases.

Microsoft SQL Server database requirements for ArcGIS 10.6.x

The Arxgis for the same instance shown in the last example would be the following:. The fields available on the dialog box and, therefore, the information you provide to make the connection depends on the database platform type you choose.

Some database management systems do not support operating system authentication.

Please rate your online support experience with Esri’s Support website. Operating system authentication is not supported.

Otherwise, the Access Database Engine bit can be installed. However, if you do this, you will be prompted to provide a user name and password every time you connect. If your database is listening on a port other than the defaultinclude the port number in the instance.

Use Database authentication and provide a valid user name and password to connect. How can we improve? Connections from ArcGIS What issues are you having with the site?

Database connections in ArcGIS for Desktop—Help | ArcGIS Desktop

Contact our Support Team. For example, if Oracle is installed on myserver and myosvc is the Oracle service name, type the following:. Most types of databases require you install and configure a database client on the machine that will connect to the database.


If bit Office is installed, the Access Database Engine must be installed. For geodatabases in SQL Server, you have two registration options.

Problem: Connections from ArcGIS or ArcGIS Pro to SQL Server or R2 fail

Is This Content Helpful? The Microsoft Access Driver now lists. If using ArcGIS Is This Content Helpful? Odbbc example, if your SQL Database instance name is cloudy4u.

Translation Feedback How can we make this translation better? User names can be a maximum of 30 characters. How can we make this better? If the login used for the operating system is not a valid database login, the connection fails. Uncheck Save user name and password if you prefer not to save your login information as part of the connection; doing this can help maintain the security of the database.

Failed pdbc connect to specified DBMS instance.