The touchpad is clearly separated from the wrist-rest and has a good haptic, due to the roughened surface. A reason for that is the light 3 cell battery with 23 Wh from Asus. The horizontal plane is very stable up to about degrees and the image displayed is focused and without color falsifications. An example for this would be the popular TrackMania Nations Forever that runs smoothly in a low detail level and resolution. Cinebench R10 Rendering Single 32Bit. The following are known to work on most models:. The Asus Eee PC R can only be acquired in online shops and is now available in the colors black and white.

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Basically, netbooks with Intel’s Atom N and a Only the integrated audio connectorover which headphones or external loudspeakers can be connected, can remedy this. Despite Windows XP as the operating system, various multi-touch gestures are supported and can be used without difficulty.

The latter mode would display only vertical pixels at a time, but as the pointer approached the top or bottom of the screen the display content would shift the “hidden” pixels into view to better display certain websites.

Review Asus Eee PC R Netbook – Reviews

On the other side, a further USB port, a Kensington lock, a RJ network connection and an audio connector that combines headphone-out and microphone-in can be found. Different models come with different-sized SSDs. The Asus Eee PC R can only be acquired in online shops and is now available in the colors black and white.


A drawback is the small 3 cell battery that only has a maximum battery life of 5 hours despite the “Super Hybrid Ede, and thus lags far behind comparable devices. This page was last edited on 15 Decemberat Generally, however, Asus does inform reviewers that the final retail model may contain different features from those offered in the review model.

Asus Eee PC

The battery life under minimum load and display brightness can be determined with the ” Reader’s ” test. Pearl white pure white for Surf models or galaxy black; lush green, sky blue, blush pink spring Models that ship with Xandros do not have access to the full capacity of the external VGA output by default, allowing only ‘mirroring’.

It generally works rather quietly and isn’t disturbing. Naming of pf series of models of the device appears to relate to the size of installed SSD, camera, and battery size.

This area reaches The case is slim and well manufactured.

MS Windows XP comes pre-installed. This is repairable but depending on exact replacement unit sometimes needs the eight-pin E2PROM moved from the aus display to the new one, and a single track linked to regain picture and brightness control after the new one is fitted. Comparison of netbooks Netbook manufacturers Comparison of netbook-oriented Linux distributions.


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Retrieved 19 November Temperature A copper heat ewe is beside the small fan, which improves the heat dissipation. Upon the unexpected success of the range, Asus factories worked around the clock to keep up supply and further development.

We’ve put the device through its paces. The plain case is particularly striking in an understatement with a diamond texture. Plain, but nevertheless elegant is how the R’s case presents itself.

Archived from the original on 21 January The netbook only missed the rating “Very Good” by a asux. The Seagate Momentus The small display hinges keep the screen well in the desired position, but we noticed a slight teetering anyway.

Touchpad The touchpad in this netbook ewe turns out quite small with a diameter of 7. We could measure between Asus’ “Super Hybrid Engine” makes this performance possible. Asus Eee PC R’s viewing angles. The audio connector can’t quite convince us either, as only few headsets support this interface.