With more than 25 years industry experience and an extensive product range, Tyco’s Spector Lumenex is able to offer complete compliant solutions for wired communications that provide both operational and life safety systems for onshore and offshore installations and other challenging environments. Visit our press room to stay one step ahead of evolving safety and security issues. Office and Factories Tyco help secure office complexes and manufacturing facilities, their employees and assets. Business Intelligence Reporting Suite. Morse Watchmans’ KeyWatcher Touch. Availability varies by region; contact your Regional Sales Manager.

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Not all products include all features. This device uniquely manages power and wiring for access control systems by providing lock power and fire interlocking all within the enclosure. It is also an area where compliance with all relevant legislation is crucial. Our integrated solutions improve prison safety, support ccure management control and enable faster incident response times.

High Assurance Smart Card Readers. Schlage Locks and Locksets. Our individual specialist businesses are staffed by qualified, experienced engineers and designers who use the most up to date computer aided technology, applying it to systems throughout the petrochemical, oil and gas industries on a number of diverse applications.

For over years Tyco have been working in partnership with leading companies to safeguard their personnel and facilities from the threat of fire. Case Study – Exploratorium Syystem. Business Intelligence Reporting Suite.

C•CURE 9000 Security Management System

Have a look at our large range of videos to learn more about Tyco and the many products and services we can offer your business. Flexible, scalable and tailored to meet your requirements from one door of access control to complete security for a global enterprise Manage the full life cycle of employees, visitors and contractor identities, credentials and clearances Multiple layers of security such as Open Supervised Device Protocol OSDP support for reader to iSTAR Ultra Series controllers Increase security of your most critical locations or assets using Multi-Factor Authentication Minimize disruptions and keep operations running using reliable system components and high availability options Software House Connected Partner Program provides seamless integration of a growing list of security, fire, business and building systems Cyber Protection Program reduces the risk of vulnerabilities and works in co-ordination with other IT components to reduce security risk.


Tyco’s commitment is unparalleled and they remain at the forefront in their fields.

Healthcare With facilities often spread across a wide area or even multiple sites, maintaining control of those inside the perimeter, keeping out unwanted guests and building a safe and secure environment for those who live and work there, is a challenging task that requires expert advice. Portability Quick identity verification from anywhere, at any time. Visit our press room to stay one step ahead of evolving safety and security issues. The native interfaces combined with the Connected Partner Program helps us to deliver seamless integrations for a complete range of security, fire, business and building systems.

Available in one- two- or four-reader models to provide systrm right size controller for your specific application. Availability varies by region; contact your Regional Sales Manager. Safran Morpho Biometric Readers. Stonelock Biometrics – An extremely fast and accurate infrared biometric facial recognition device, designed for access control applications that require instant, easy, and reliable confirmation of identity. Coupled with removable wire connectors that enable quick installation, iSTAR Pro Rack Mount reduces the space requirements and costs sydtem with installing systtem panel on the wall, making cdure a desirable solution for IT professionals.


C•CURE Building Management System

Case Study – Exploratorium Museum. This site uses cookies to offer you a better browsing experience. Business Intelligence Reporting Suite. High Security Highly distributed, network environment Multi-site, highly distributed geographically. Actual products may vary from photos.

Availability varies by region; contact your Regional Sales Manager. Advanced distributed architecture for enterprise scalability Maintain independent control at each remote location Optimize local performance by limiting WAN traffic and latency Synchronize full database across all servers Manage entire enterprise across multiple geographical areas from one central location Monitor alarms from multiple sites on one workstation Global reporting for efficient, sysgem data tracking.

Morse Watchmans’ KeyWatcher Touch. Retail Solutions Tyco is syatem leading global provider of retail security and store performance systems with over 50 years of experience serving customers ranging from store boutiques to global retail enterprises.

C•CURE Enterprise

Case Study – Microsoft Robotics Studio. Schlage Locks and Locksets. High Assurance Smart Card Readers. Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning HVAC Tyco has a long and proven track record in supplying environmental solutions within the offshore oil and gas market. Systej also allows them to simultaneously monitor alarms from multiple facilities from one convenient workstation.