I think I have to fiddle with all of the settings; mute some, unmute others. Thats using the optical cable. I have done the steps, but I installed the kb But when I press the left mouse button on Acrobat Reader everything is ok I wait your answer. Azalia old ver 5.

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Re: snd_hda_intel (cmi9880)

Cmo tried to setup Windows and different drivers, but it didn’t work. First, I added alsa to my USE flags, and the following line to make. What are we doing now?: For more advanced trainees it can be a desktop reference, and a collection of the base knowledge needed to proceed with system and network administration. I’ve already ran digicell and it says sound speaker not supported.

Vista x64 下的 C-Media CMI 声卡驱动安装 » Jin Lei’s website

Sorry for my english but I live in spain and is difficult for me explain this problem in english. I baught a new computerand my FEdora Core 3 os do not detect my souncard. Pick the one that your OS uses. Please advise what to do? I think the problem is that the line in doesn’t appear in reproductor properties. This is a brand new chip. When this is done you can run the setup.


The driver that is used for that codec?

This file is automatically generated by modules-update Please do not edit this file directly. Thu Jul 14, 5: So it’s a device driver that you need lniux luckily everyone who downloaded the sounddrivers has the driver.

Please login or register. It is going to take time before the driver is ready for general use. Home Help Search Login Register.

I use Win XP Sp2. Thx god i found this!!!! Sometimes “hammer” button are visable, sometimes not Sat Oct 09, 7: Hi everybody; I have same problem. Fri May lunux, 2: When system staret is quiet.

Headphone amplifiers are integrated at each analog output. Having a problem logging in? Its all installed, but I sill don’t have sound.

It’s a lot of trouble with CMIL on the board. The kernel built-in ALSA wouldn’t recognize azx or intel-hda. Tue Mar 22, Then I read the Forum instructions, unistalled the driver and first install the Busdriver and after the cmedia driver.


But when I press the left mouse button on Acrobat Reader everything is ok Still, I can’t get sound from my speakers.