Gran Turismo 5, however, benefited by the extra depth added; the slight dimming experienced making it feel like sitting in an arcade. While 3D is certainly the marquee feature on the box, we want to see if it stacks up as a standard monitor as well. There are “warm”, “medium” and “cool” colour presets, but as always, we recommend you stick to “user” to get the most out of your display. Chat Online with LG Support. Its bare minimum stuff that simply splits an image into an interleaved version, and isn’t the most intuitive interface we’ve used either — but it works. Sadly, you can’t create your own profiles within the app, you need to tweak within the game itself and the profile is saved automatically.

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Bandersnatch is here to cap a twisted Don’t show this again. Game performance was also dramatically impacted, average frame rates at x dropping from 35 frames per second on our test machine to 13 frames per second. You can scan your hard drive for existing games that match the included profiles, or browse and add your own, so long as it uses DirectX 9 – LG’s buttons aren’t labelled.

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Competitors offer better than LG’s one-year warranty. Zero defective pixel policy. Google’s larger Pixel XL whips up an ace Android experience. As a result you get a huge variety of quality, from images that have out-of-whack depth, to movies that throw things out of the screen at you and have their separate elements appear as if they’re floating on separate 2D planes, to something more subtle and enjoyable like the efforts made in Avatar or Monsters vs.


Details shown on product images may vary by region, country, or model. c2542p

LG D2542P-PN

We’ve changed, we promise. Simply choose a support option from the icons below: Lamely, the video input can’t be manually set: Better image quality out there for cheaper if you choose to forsake ppn. To properly experience our LG. The Bottom Line LG’s DP-PN is more suited to console playing and movie watching when in 3D mode, but as a straight monitor there’s much better value to be had elsewhere.

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Even in the sweet spot, ghosting is often present. COM website please follow below instructions. Some features in videos may not be d254p2 on all models. Halo Anniversary’s environments generally gained a little extra depth, but characters sadly looked like cardboard cut-outs existing on different planes, and jaggies were more obvious.

The quality of 3D effect varied from game to game.

Even that didn’t quite work out as plannedwith 3D slowly making its way to being just another check box on the features list. Crashing software for PC games. Arkham Asylum and ln that the stereoscopy had to be turned down to the lowest setting to reduce the image visibly splitting apart as the camera moved.


LG D2542P-PN Owner’s Manual

LG’s stand is very basic, and the screen wobbles quite a bit after any adjustment. Chat Online with LG Support. Pb the program has been run, LG launches an overlay in which hotkeys can be used to adjust the stereoscopy depth and how far “in front” images appear.

It’s worth noting that the scaling in the LG is awful and very blurry, causing significant degradation of image quality. For a TN screen, LG really has managed pj impressive deep blacks, probably helped in part by the semi-gloss screen.

Continue to next page 01 Its TriDef 3D portal is a media centre-style application, allowing playback of movies and viewing of images. LG hasn’t included an up button, though, which means if you accidentally miss a menu item, you’ll have to cycle through the whole lot to get back to where you intended to be.


Send an Email No time to chat? Despite having a specific profile for Metrothe game was incorrectly rendered to the point of only showing white light sources. LG’s fascia is quite plain. See all Specs Close. For prescription wearers, LG thoughtfully includes a lens-clip version, which due to being frameless is more immersive than the default set.