And when it’s on, you aren’t really distracted by the smudges. It seems that resizing must be done once the pictures are uploaded to your computer. But you can’t just tap the image size icon to change resolution. The lens itself suffers from pretty strong chromatic aberration at both ends of the zoom range. We’ve changed, we promise. For a detailed listing of specifications and features, please refer to the specifications table found at the bottom of the review. The disruption to this winning streak, however, is once again battery life that struggles to keep up.

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Nothing here is worse than before.

And the biggest one of them all is the sliding lens cover that also powers on the camera. It’s got the full load of Cyber-shot T-series features, too, so you’re not giving up anything but buttons. It held a rate of 1.

Sony says Bionz offers improved image quality, faster response times, and better battery life in its compact cameras. Without opening a web browser, the program allowed me to log into my Shutterfly account and upload a photo. Sony says you can engrave it, and while that tends to make it hard to resell, you probably won’t want to sell this classic design. So it’s not at all a bad idea to shoot at lower resolution with dc camera — and shooting at There are plenty of features like the large touchscreen, Smile technology, and image stabilization to make this new flagship worthy of its role, but the real reason to buy this camera is to have your favorite images a button press away.


It takes ddc picky reviewer to be disappointed with the Sony T’s image quality. You can tap any of the listed options or the cancel button to return to shooting mode. Tapping with a fingernail is more reliable than using your fingertip, and the stylus is even more reliable. The Sony T does that and earns a Dave’s Pick for it, too.

Not only does that LCD function as your viewfinder, but it’s also the camera’s control panel. No menu navigation is necessary to begin taking pictures — once the lens is cover is flipped open, the camera powers up in shooting mode.

You use either a fingertip or the included plastic stylus which snaps onto the wrist strap to select an item and modify it. And all this works not just with the internal memory but with any card you install, too.

Sony DSC-T Review

I didn’t want to use the flash because it wouldn’t have captured the scene accurately and other diners would have thrown their water glasses at meso I reluctantly switched to ISO 3, and fired away.

Also on offer is an updated intelligent scene recognition function, which can now automatically select from eight different scene modes including macro, portrait, and landscape.

It’s not only beautiful, but it can hold a year’s worth of pictures and — with the optional HDTV cable — display them in a scrapbook or dsv pan-and-zoom slideshow format in high resolution on your flatscreen HDTV.

A true point-and-shoot, I was able to slide the lens cover back, take a picture, and close it again with one hand.

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-T700 Review

Power button, Shutter button, and Zoom lever on the corner. That makes the Sony T pretty personal, of course, so Sony has added password protection to the camera so only you can see what’s stored on it.


Best Digital Cameras for I found the T’s to be fine with fingers, but better with the included stylus or “Paint Pen” as Sony calls it likely because I could be more precise with it. Luke noticed that popping in a fresh battery really seemed to slow startup down. There is, however, a vivid mode that further boosts saturation and contrast while apparently providing a sharpening bump as well.

The only timings-related area where our T had a truly poor showing, in fact, was in the amount of time it takes to cycle between shooting and playback modes. In Auto iSCN mode, the camera takes a single shot using the optimal settings.

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-T Review – DigitalCameraReview

A button on top allows a quick review of the last photo taken. Which is odd, because the way you change the Flash mode is by tapping the flash icon on the right panel. The back of the camera is entirely devoted to ddsc 3. Chrome Download the latest version. The software also allows users to upload files directly to websites like Shutterfly or YouTube.

So how to rate this Cyber-shot on balance? In high-contrast conditions it took only 0.