Choosing the correct water circulation equipment has never been easier. Tidal Swell mode TSM creates a harmonic balance reminiscent of the changing flow conditions found in nature. Power Supply Power Cord. Operating on tanks between 20 and gallons and producing between and 3, gallons per hour of flow, the VorTech is the most versatile flow product on the market. The gold standard for generating flow in reef tanks, the VorTech is unsurpassed in beauty and functionality.

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Ecotech Vortech

When compared to the previous EcoSmart Driver, there are a few key upgrades. Alternates between a resonant standing wave and a surge effect to stir up and export nutrients. This does a few things for us. A modified range of adjustment for Short Pulse Mode makes it easier for you to fine tune wave form.

This pump is no joke. Flow Uncompromised In an aquarium, having the right amount of flow is crucial to the health of the ecosystem. Enhancements to existing modes include: In brief, the spacer is installed between the Pump Dry Side and the aquarium glass. The Vortech MP series of powerheads have preprogrammed features to help the user set up the right flow pattern for whatever tank they are designing.

Welcome to Aquatic Warehouse! What was propellerr an understood important piece of tank equipment is now regarded as an essential pillar of life for my underwater inhabitants. Feed Mode With the touch of a button, the VorTech enters into feed mode and all pumps shut down for 10 minutes to allow you to feed your aquarium. This is link to all my goods list. Reef Crest Random mode simulates a high-energy reef environment.


On the second and third pictures, the middle piece magnet body is not ecosart, only the bearings.

EcoTech Marine VorTech QuiteDrive Review With Photos ( Update)

Long Pulse Mode allows for wave pulse timings lump between 2 and 60 seconds, enabling you to create slow alternating flow throughout your tank. From start-to-finish, the entire process was relatively uneventful.

Along the front of the driver, the control dial and three buttons feel and look solid. Oceanic environments are anything but still. Click to accept cookies marinw enable this content.

Master pumps will tell their slaves to go into Night Mode as well. If you answered still, then I recommend calling your elementary school teacher for a refresher course. At The Coral Life we strive to do things different than the other outlets. The Vortech MP 40 is the next size up and has an amazing reputation as the go to powerhead for the busiest of Reef tanks.


The flow direction will change direction every cycle. My experience with this pump wlreless similar to that of many other reefers. I like this feature, not only for its visual interaction, but also how it simplifies monitoring the pump.


Overall, I thought the installation was a breeze. Battery Backup Mode Blizzard. The ecosmrat magnet is fully encapsulated within black plastic, cannot be scratched or damaged under normal use, is more durable, eliminates rusting and requires no regularly scheduled replacements.

The VorTech need only be serviced minimally to replace a simple and economical bearing. Ecotech vortech Battery back up, works fine in original box with all necessary cables etc. If you find the noise excessive, check the Dry Side of the pump. Most notably is the control knob. Essentially, the only difference between this version and the standard MP10QD is how it can be controlled.

Feed Mode has been slowed from gph to gph to make it easier than ever for you to spot feed corals and slow moving fish in your tank with the push of a button. Head over to YouTube and watch this impressive pump deliver its power oropeller sounding like an airplane about to take off.