None of the above listed drivers on Gateway after installation fixed the problem so I don’t know where to get this driver or what to do. Right side of Gateway MX view larger image. The big box stores collude with the manufacturers to hide the manufacturer warranties. I can get farther in person than over the phone hence Circuit city won over Gateway. The function operations include the ability to turn off the wireless card, which helps save on battery use. Benchmarks We use the program Super Pi to get a benchmark of processor speed.

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Gateway MX Notebook My Downloads If multiple components are listed below, you will want to use the Device Manager in your system to identify the correct driver.

Sony laptops gqteway good keyboard layouts, but the machines have the unfortunate quality of fateway built by Sony, which at this point in its lifecycle cannot even build a proper phone answering aduio.

I will choose the driver to install. I’ve double clicked on the Multimedia Audio Controller and tried to reinstall the driver and put the recovery disc that came with the computer the only one but it can’t find the driver. Long story short, when I asked for the manager the “Geek Squad” tech said “you can call for her but they are just going to do what I say.

Gateway MX and GZ Review (pics, specs)

Sound ; Have SP2, dotnetfx 1. They are the best and the most helpful in the business. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling, and the some of the stuff you have posted. There are numerous Intel Graphics display settings.


Due to the problem, my very bad experience with Gateway’s support during my 3 sessions, the fact that all the drivers don’t even come on the restore disk including the drivers necessary to connect to the internet – thank goodness I had the desktopmy Gateway desktop and laptop will likely be the last my wife and I ever own. Add your comment to this article You need to be a member to leave a comment. The fact is, there is no frustration-free-guarantee, but at least a local big box has people I can talk to eye-to-eye, if need be.

A warranty is a contract, and the computer makers are getting away with asking you to agree to a contract that you absolutely cannot find. The card found the Circuit City and my home Linksys routers with no problems.

The top right should be a Delete key. The touchpad is perfect. Otherwise, I think enough is screwed up to require you to do a clean install I chose Circuit City as the lesser of the evil opportunities for buying. Thanks for letting us know.

No Audio Device After Clean XP Install – TechSpot Forums

Please let us know what happens and how you fix it. Several salesmen and associates helped me look for the Gateway pixel policy. The Gateway GZ keyboard touch is stiffer than the or models. One profile works the other doesn’t. Gateway GZ Specs Dimensions: But the conversation went well and I felt confortable with the two individuals I was working. Gqteway the RAM and hard drive I suspect the machine will feel fast enough.


Go back to Normal mode just restart and cancel any install of your found new hardware Install the above driver Wait until finished finding and installing all drivers Restart.

Gateway M360 Laptop User Manual

After all, the Circuit City technicians know which warranties apply, so clearly someone knows what a Gateway warranty looks like. Over the past two years its incorrect plug size has eaten away at the power input jack, a component that is soldered to the motherboard.

I certainly understand that a driver is “software” and the XP is software, but I strongly made the argument that gateay you do a clean install, full format, and still cannot get the computer up and running correctly it should be covered. The screen is a mirror when dark and pretty hard to get right when lit. The Super Pi program simply forces the processor to calculate Pi to a selected number of digits of accuracy. Faster, yes, but not incredibly faster.

Do not settle for a pamphlet. Battery The proprietary Sanyo 8-cell battery is a huge affair that takes up the agteway of the machine. Finally the manager offered to write the pixel guarantee on the receipt itself.