These opto-isolators are also used to execute the output mode selected with the mode-select circuit. This action stores the value in the active configuration in volatile memory. Up to three PCBs may be mounted on the stand alone or cardfile-mounted panels using stand-off posts and screws. Each time SW1 is toggled, the display should repeat another digit sequence. Typically used for program analysis. When valid auto recall option is entered, PC should display next parameter. Asynchronous-only Master port for communications with a remote Slave Unit C.

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This will leave approximately one inch protruding from the block for the end wires, with longer lengths protruding from the center. Included in this software are baud rates, key delays, station address, etc.

Press toggle switch SW1 as required to bring up See Figure for the card enclosure back panel layout. However, interpretation of PC-derived test data and corrective actions are not provided. If an invalid value is entered, the same prompt is repeated.

Program bit and address bit.

A control delivery receive failure on a output board is shown by related LED on protockl board. When installing an EPROM, make certain the chip has the proper pin orientation and is fully inserted.


After stop bits are entered, display should return to ST. If S2 Slave port key-on delay is to be entered or changed, continue with step 8.

Wireshark ยท Wireshark-dev: [Wireshark-dev] New dissector: packet-genisys.c

Stand-Alone Carrier Modem Interface: Diagnostic Tool Version 1. Basic applications protoclo in this manual include: Press toggle switch SW1 as required to bring up A1 on alpha-numeric display. If the above checks are OK, make certain problems in related circuits and equipment are not causing apparent problems with the X board. On open end of cable, strip and discard 19 inches of outer jacket.

Genissys certain the board is fully inserted in the cardfile or card enclosure. This jumper configures a single mode select circuit that controls the delivery mode of all 32 outputs. This configuration is used when the external unit to which the Enhanced Controller is connected is not capable of powering the controller.

When a new value is entered, it is checked against these limits. Press SW1 as required to bring up ST on display.

GENISYS SERIES 2000 – Ansaldo STS | Product Support

When not asserted, modem transmit oscillator is disabled. All power and data line connections to the card enclosure are made on the back panel of the unit. The output mode constant or pulsed of the Bit Output boards is defined with jumpers. Where applicable, limits for a given parameter are displayed.


Power supply components are absent. NOTE The troubleshooting procedures given in this section focus on possible problems with the Enhanced Controller board.

Press SW1 as required to bring up DB on display. If Master port key-off delay is to be entered or changed, pdotocol with step Display should show 1. The power supply circuitry on the and boards is electrically independent from the code line interface circuitry where present and only provides regulated voltages for the Enhanced Controller PCB.

When desired key-on delay is selected, press SW2 to enter delay. The 4-bit address input is generated by the Enhanced Controller to enable reading of inputs of a specific input board. After parity option is entered, display should return to PA.