Intelligaze v4 eye control for Compact Rolltalk. Pronto’s advanced capabilities, such as the ability for the user to create custom interfaces, helped exceed Philips sales projections in its first year. Features of the software; Functions of the software; Cost of the software; Contact point for Concord. Connect with us for the latest news on. History Our founders, the late Dr.

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Mouse and Track Ball

The back could be easily removed, allowing the Presenter to be placed directly onto an overhead projector, casting the display onto your pull-down screen. Headway is a cursor control interface designed for use by individuals with upper extremity and severe physical disabilities.

The first in-air mouse Gyration GyroPoint Desk — GyroPoint had a standard ball mechanism to function as a standard mouse. The design team at IDE created a soft, integrated form with beautiful sculptural surface transitions, yet obviously reminiscent of a portable CD player. It featured the most ventilation of any helmet to date, and was also revolutionary in the way it incorporated multi-density foam as part of the structural integrity.

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HandiEye is a hands-free mouse emulator designed for use by individuals with desl extremity, severe physical, or repetetive motion disabilities or spinal cord injury. Presents information on the computer software Communicator Version 5.


Scanning Cursor is a mouse emulator program designed for use by individuals with upper extremity disabilities. The IntegraMouse, also called USB Integra Mouse, is a mouth operated mouse designed for use by individuals with spinal cord injury, severe physical disabilities, or upper extremity disabilities or amputation.

Gyration Ultra Cordless Optical Keyboard and Mouse

Focuses on the implementation of a secure, Internet-based service called A-D Net. Mac OS X Server. Presents information on the computer software Optivity Version 9. This program moves the cursor and provides an interface to activate mouse buttons using one or two switches.

By designing a single, slightly more complicated casting, IDE was able to reduce the cost of gyropiont and improve the fork’s performance. The enclosure was also designed to be rugged enough for military use, so it had to pass stringent military durability testing including drop and shock. These were used as movie props in the blockbuster hit Twister. Pronto made use of its graphical LCD touchscreen to control any device, and control it well.

Current State of the U. Its computer 3D modeled airfoil form helped make it one of the most rigid and aerodynamic race bikes to date. Dental X-Ray designed for the U. Gyration Go Pro 2. Designed inNomad Jukebox was at the forefront of the MP3 revolution and the world’s best selling MP3 player until gyropount iPod was released.

About – IDE Inc.

EFS-1 was triggered by the sound of the shutter clicking. Gives the wearer a virtual 15 inch viewable display, so it was like having your computer desktop monitor right in front of you. Refills no longer require any special tools or equipment. Examination of Livelink from three workspaces; Indepth look at the aims of Version 8. First ever PC with removable disk drives Tandon PAC and Personal Data Pac – Winner of 7 product of the year awards, the PAC allowed you to easily eject your Data Pac and plug it into a different computer, giving you immediate access to all of your programs and databases at your new location.


By simply popping the e-film cartridge into your camera in place of the film, you instantly had a digital camera. Samsung’s first cell phone featured a backlit keypad and a multi-line graphical display. To date, IDE has completed projects for unique clients, with many more to come. The liquid crystal shutters allow the viewer to see clear, high-definition 3D images.

Designed for the gaming market, SimulEyes had to be low cost, reliable, and ruggedized. The head mouse can control the cursor by using head movements.