With the computer running and you’re on the desktop, plug the usb wifi adapter in or leave it plugged in. Wheel Mouse Optical Bus Device I am now running after booting without the adapter and not sure what to do next Started up FireFox and came to forum. There were a lot of results that were saying it causes system freezes and the newest driver I could find for it for linux was from back in here http:

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Kaspin, have you performed the following command?: Most wifi adapters in the stores have Broadcom chipsets which can be made to work following this guide.

I guess we agree on the adapter. Then I should have something ready to present to y’all. I have a WIFI network in my home, working fine. Pasted document into Quick Reply. It may not be hw5u4d to put the.

Then I tried to open Writer to update this page, and immediately went to black screen. Sorry if the above is long-winded, but the secret seems to be to download the latest available driver for WinXP from the TrendNet site before any of the suggested solutions can work Then open a terminal.


Could only see 3 messages, at 2, 7, and 8 hours ago. Updated this document to copy and send to Forum. I’ll go ahead and tell you what I’ve found and my opinion, so for what it’s worth here it is.

Hawkingtech Network Drivers Download

I have seen where some got them working while others didn’t it uses a different chipset and it seems to depend on the version of the adapter. LOL, I’m about ready to call it a Night myself so don’t feel bad if you want to pick it up in the Morning. Should I get USB or would an internal be just as good to get?

I was hoping that someone would jump in with a solution but apparently not. As soon as I selected Terminal, black screen.

Along the way, the terminal spewed out the following messages, which I don’t understand: Thanks so much for all the help.

User:Hojalot/wireless usb adapters with antenna

I had this same problem using Ubuntu 9. Took me forever to figure out that I hadn’t added it to Modprobe! Sorry I didn’t get back sooner nothing nwu54d do with world cup football, of course Put it in a Code box using the at the top of the post box with the info highlighted to keep the formatting.


Hate to say it but you may want to consider just getting a different adapter. Restarted; copied the directions and sent them via email to my laptop so I can avoid opening up Writer here.

zdrw – WikiDevi

Started up FireFox and came to forum. Seems to be holding up okay now. I’ll look for the chipset for that adapter and see what I can find out. Here is what I recorded: You should’ve technically started a new thread for this, but that’s all well and good.

I then deleted the old driver. I did some searching for your adapter and it didn’t look good.

Pulled down menus for a minute. Manufacturers have a nasty habit of using more than 1 chipset in any 1 lijux, I guess it’s which ever one they can get cheapest that day.