Original PR said to expect MHz core on the plain S3 Savage Discussion about old PC hardware. S3 and their shoddy drivers that never cease to disappoint. I have to admit that both cards are quite good at overclocking. I think maybe they should just stick to onboard video if they can’t build a dedicated card that runs faster than IGP.

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Enabling them causes a major performance dive and occasional pauses. Lots of files in there.

Savage is a touchy, buggy chip so AGP 4x may be disabled by the driver Here things are not so simple. I capped all of them but it did not help.

Austin never slag off a savage4, it is a legendary card.

The test was done in 16 bit mode. Users browsing this forum: Even UT99 under MeTal still has some noticeable rendering errors. Was just playing UT2k3 on full detail, Anti-Aliasing x16 and x with fps constant.


Inno3d Savage AGP 64meg

savwge2000 There was also supposed to be a Plus that would clock at MHz. I ran one for months and it was superb. What would you be upgrading from that a HD class card looks like an attractive option? I think maybe they should just stick to onboard video if they can’t build a dedicated card that runs faster than IGP.

If it’s still running below 4x, it could be driver related, yes. I played around with UT99 again today because I wanted to check if detail textures were enabled.

Innovision drivers free download software for all devices

As said back in those days TNT2 and Voodoo were common place S3 Savage Discussion about old PC hardware. There is no material that is knowingly illegal here. Unauthorised reproduction strictly prohibited.

Any recent 3D accelerator will work just fine in your motherboard with Windows XP. Savage can do twice as much in Quake 3.

So, let’s see what results I got on 3D Marks first: Unno3d you obviously don’t have the latest savage4.


Originally Posted by Knoxville. But when it comes to 3D Return to General Old X. At first we see that Savage 4 is faster at default speeds in comparison to default Savage This was a few years back though, but still, its one of all time favourite cards. Inno3d Savage AGP 64meg.

INNOVISION and Display and Video drivers

The time now is So, bit of a necro but I just tested finally an Inno3D Savage in my p4 board, while I’ve been trying out other things. ErriusGoogle [Bot]hard1kxPredator99Radar41 and 13 guests. This disclaimer is brought to you thanks to the BSA. I didn’t look at my card.