The zoom lens has a focal length of 39 – mm in 35mm format. It easily recorded someone speaking at a noisy leaving-do, on the other side of a dining table. Start-up time is under 2 seconds. My only complaint with the image quality was the softness that occurred, especially at longer telephoto ranges. When using the V, you also have the option to make simple cuts to video, but only at the beginning or end of the file.

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For a point and shoot, the V gave good detail in both highlight and shadow areas and retained high impact color. This detracts from the overall picture quality when you start to make larger size prints.

In kodal mode, you can take 3 images from either left to right, or right to left. It has also managed to avoid red eye in my test shot. The AC adapter can be plugged directly into kldak camera for charging. It can be very hard to find the perfect touch screen so if touch control is important to you then this camera is well worth a place on your short list.

The camera was able to handle the complex scenery very well, but does better in more moderate focal lengths. All the primary colours look very good here, though the kodk looks slightly deeper. Kodak has also made it very easy to turn the scene modes on and pick the one you want. Quality wise the V also impresses, for a compact.


Kodak EasyShare V Specs – CNET

Single or continuous Focus zones: The camera is quite capable of capturing good images, but “softness” may be an issue at times. Top 10 Best Waterproof Cameras 5 Dec Another popular feature is the self timer. Shutter Lag and Recycling Times.

You can zoom during recording and sound can be recorded. The screen has two distinct resolutions: Also, as part of the EasyShare range, you can also connect the camera to your computer and share photos, or send them to a Kodak printer with great ease. But then you push the power button and hear lodak and you’d swear that you just closed the door of a ’72 El Dorado — it feels that solid.

Kodak V705

Cookies help us deliver our service. A pillar from Alabama’s first state capitol building in Tuscaloosa. Throw in the video editing, panoramic features, overall good performance, and good image quality, and you’ve got a winner. Kodxk LCD screen has a 2. With the flash on the time for a single photo was 0.

The EasyShare V is an ultra slim camera, only 0. The flash comes with red-eye mode that is quite effective, and while the flash has highlighted on the face and eye make up, it does suit older subjects as it fills in the facial lines.


This also switches between macro mode — a decent 5cm — landscape mode sets focus to infinity and normal. You can also make a print from a single video frame and Kodak has added a “Video Action Print” that allows you to take 4, 9, or 16 frames of video and incorporate them into sequence images on one print.

Once I realized this, I became quite fond of it. The button is quickly operated and if pressed in it koda, confirm some settings or changes.

If you need to change the scene mode, just click the joystick and navigate to the one you want. Storage and Energy 6. Once into a scene mode, the exposure compensation v7005 then disabled, so the camera becomes completely automatic. It is a pity that Kodak did not choose to ‘brush’ the material to make the surface less smooth.

In my view it gives the photos kovak orange glow that I would prefer to see toned down. The inset buttons on the top are quite tricky to depress and activate and the zoom rocker on the back has far too little feedback for comfort.

I noticed the most softness on full telephoto shots.