It’s about 2 years old and while printing, it developed these bumps on the transfer belt. I’ve just changed the black ink which are a pain and now it won’t print. Happily, this has fixed the “cartridge not installed” problem, but as the printer has just had reco cartridges fitted I’m looking ahead. Error 17H is a rack rotation failure, chances are that when you have replaced the toners one of them is not sitting right and it is stopping the rack from rotating, if you can select “remove toner” on the display that is on your printer, remove all of the toners, then select “install toner” and reinstall all of them, also chack for any physical damage on anything around the toner rack, or something like a small piece of paper jammed in the right hand side of the toner rack. I realized the tonor rack was getting jammed against these two plastic tabs that are attached to the inside of the door on the front face of the printer presumably for alignment. Every circle looks fine except red which is definitely orange.

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Along with the noise the error light started flashing quickly. I have the same issue regarding the “Imaging Unit Missing” error msg. Hello, I have an R2 which has a problem printing greeting cards at 4×8 on 8″ paper.

Konica 7155

I’ve cleaned the printer thoroughly, but the dust keeps reappearing. After removing a paper jam, the status window now keeps reporting koniica the printer cover is open even though I have double-checked 1755 it is down all the way. The smudge down one edge could be caused by the lens glass being dirty with waste toner. Do you know the maximum size drive that can be installed? Maybe not important, but maybe good to know. Or do I just need to get a new bottle? I have a model w which is having two problems.


I guess I’ll find out when one of the color cartridges get low and try the toner refill kit again.

Konica Minolta – Page

Can I use it in the DL? Moved it to another room on a roller table. I am an electronics engineer, technician, with over 40 years experience, so I would really be very happy to know if there is a secret konca method to clearing this code and putting our machine back on line. Spares should be available – you can ask – try their support web site. Does anyone out there have an idea? We have printed primarily from Creative Suite 3 about 25 pages.

We took all the cartridges out, looked to see if anything looked out of place, and then replaced them. Give that clean with a dry cloth, put the drum back in and if its like mine the problem will be gone.

Konica 7155/IP-511 (PCL) V Drivers Download

It’s in a school system and 24 computers going to that printer via the network. Any suggestions or help will be appreciated. Aditionally, I’m having problems printing color on it.


Do you have a komica of the service manual? Any ideas will be greatly appreciated, TY. You should be able to find a W real cheap. The image is shifting down the page when it prints about “. The printer tries to pick the sheet, but it never gets transferred into the rollers.

My guess was, that with all the toner in the unit, that some had made it’s way into the scanner. They reduce the clearance and pressure on the fuser rollers for feeding envelopes. You will need to reset the sensors on the ionica so that it thinks that you have a new cartridge.

I wish I could tell you what it is, but I can tell you it is not oknica toner. Haven’ t done anything with koica cartridges in awhile, except change the black toner, and I have been through three brand new toner cartridges with the same result. My assumption is that there is dirt on the sensor, but I don’t know where it is. The printer is about 3 years old and on its second set of cartridges after initial toner refills were used on the first set. The menu display cannot get past this dilemma.

Its a weird one – maybe you need to get the memory to clear.