Reviews 0 Write a review wzwrqfxwfxzusdsqfqadda. The reason I chose model B is that I can use the six analog outputs to drive all channels of audio power amplifiers during bench tests with one of the outputs passed through a Y connector so it can drive channels six and seven. Let us know if we need to take a look at this page or fix a bug. Excellent for all the tests Remember that these tests are synthetic. Consumed Power, Energy Consumption:

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Forum Getting Started Purchase Support: Does ultimate perfection exist? The mixer certainly has a level indication marked with decibels and a clipping indication.

Full plug and play capability. lynxtwp

LynxTWO – Downloads – Lynx Studio Technology, Inc.

The card has two multipin connectors meant for a flexible shielded 1. I would recommend posting on the Lynx forum: BioShock Infinite and Metro: You may also need to turn off the ‘Use large hardware buffers’ option in Media Center or we’ll switch it back to for playback.

I had one issue lately, it was related to a firmware upgrade I did in the lynx card without thinking from 24 to 25c. But the displayed sampling frequency doesn’t actually reflect the one generated by the oscillator precisely as it is obtained by dividing the reference frequency of the converters by the oversampling coefficient.


Lynx Two-b 2 in 6 out 192khz Ad/da PCI Sound Card

Excellent for all the tests Remember that these tests are synthetic. But what about the sound cards? Had to get help from Lynx support to roll back the firmware to 24, and it has worked since. Others have reported this: They run so hot, they need fans to keep them cool.

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And if it is a mass product, a manufacturer has a stronger temptation to save on the prime cost as here lynxxtwo cent spent brings thousands of dollars. That is why really successful products appear on the market very seldom. I guess ‘use large lyxtwo buffer’ was ticked years ago and forgotten about The inputs and outputs of models A and C are described in the specification box above.

Lynx Two Sound Card Review. That is a lot of DACs.

We are focusing on the LynxTWO-B, which has two analog inputs and six analog outputs, plus two digital inputs and outputs. By the way, the Lynx One is still selling and being supported by the manufacturers.

Lynx Two-b 2 in 6 out khz Ad/da PCI Sound Card | eBay

I get perfect playback even with the lowest buffers, and it helps av sync when using loopback. See any errors on this page? Trumpetguy on February 22, No “entry level” items here.


Home Download Purchase Support Company. Forum Getting Started Purchase. I’ve tried different buffer sizes, and have lynxtwi “use large hardwar buffers” checked. If you look at the spec box on the left, you will see that we are talking a kilobuck, at least, for the lhnxtwo versions of the LynxTWO model, which can have up to six analog inputs, and up to six analog outputs, and up to two digital inputs and outputs.

Now let’s turn to professional sound cards. Well, I don’t think this is the case, but there just does not seem lnxtwo be the intense competition at the audio level. For example, there are several SRC modes sample rate conversion. Overview Customers Company Other Products: Or you can select a record dither type: