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Guide to Custom Cable Handling Equipment


If you are in the manufacturing or construction industry, you understand the importance of having efficient cable handling equipment. Custom cable handling equipment is designed specifically to meet your unique needs and requirements. In this article, we will explore the benefits and uses of custom cable handling equipment, as well as provide guidance on how to choose the right equipment for your business.

Benefits of Custom Cable Handling Equipment

1. Improved Safety

One of the major benefits of custom cable handling equipment is improved safety. By using equipment that is specifically designed to handle cables, you can reduce the risk of accidents and injuries in your workplace. Custom equipment is built with safety features in mind, ensuring that cables can be handled securely and without any risk of damage or injury.

2. Increased Efficiency

Custom cable handling equipment is designed to increase efficiency in your operations. By using equipment that is tailored to your specific needs, you can streamline your cable handling processes and reduce downtime. Custom equipment can be designed to handle cables of various sizes and types, allowing you to handle different projects with ease.

3. Cost Savings

Investing in custom cable handling equipment can result in significant cost savings for your business. By using equipment that is designed to meet your exact specifications, you can eliminate the need for manual labor and reduce the risk of costly mistakes. Custom equipment can also help you maximize the use of space in your facility, leading to better organization and reduced wastage.

Uses of Custom Cable Handling Equipment

1. Cable Pulling

Custom cable handling equipment is commonly used for cable pulling tasks. Whether you are installing new cables or replacing old ones, custom equipment can make the process faster and more efficient. With the right equipment, you can pull cables of varying sizes and lengths with ease, reducing the risk of damage and ensuring a smooth installation process.

2. Cable Reeling

Another important use of custom cable handling equipment is cable reeling. This process involves winding cables onto a reel for storage or transportation. Custom equipment can be designed to handle cables of different thicknesses and materials, allowing you to reel them in a controlled and organized manner. This not only saves time but also protects the cables from damage.

3. Cable Cutting and Stripping

Custom cable handling equipment can also be used for cutting and stripping cables. Whether you need to cut cables to specific lengths or strip the insulation for connections, custom equipment can make these tasks much easier. With precise cutting and stripping capabilities, you can ensure that your cables are ready for installation or further processing.

Choosing the Right Custom Cable Handling Equipment

When choosing custom cable handling equipment for your business, there are several factors to consider. Here are some key points to keep in mind:

1. Capacity and Size

Consider the capacity and size of the equipment you need. Determine the maximum weight and dimensions of the cables you will be handling, and ensure that the equipment can handle them effectively. It is important to choose equipment that is capable of meeting your current and future needs.

2. Safety Features

Check for safety features such as emergency stop buttons, overload protection, and safety guards. These features are crucial in preventing accidents and injuries in the workplace. Make sure the equipment you choose complies with safety standards and regulations.

3. Ease of Use

Look for equipment that is easy to operate and maintain. Consider the training and support provided by the manufacturer. The equipment should have clear instructions and intuitive controls to minimize the learning curve for your employees.

4. Customization Options

Ensure that the equipment can be customized to meet your specific requirements. This may include features such as adjustable reel sizes, different cutting and stripping options, or additional accessories. Customization options will allow you to tailor the equipment to your unique needs.


Custom cable handling equipment offers numerous benefits such as improved safety, increased efficiency, and cost savings. By investing in the right equipment for your business, you can streamline your cable handling processes and ensure smooth operations. Consider the uses and factors mentioned in this guide, and choose custom cable handling equipment that meets your specific needs and requirements.

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